The Tangled Web of Illness & Deceit

 Is honesty your best bet?   What do you choose?

New research has purported that the more lies one tells, the less healthy they are.  I’m sure that many of us would say, why of course.  However, keeping that in mind take a look at the little “white lies” we tell everyday.  Do those count towards our health?

The American Psychological Association study, reported on by CBS Denver, shows that telling lies releases stress hormones.  Therefore, liars had more more illness, more anxiety, more depression, more exhaustion, and more headaches.

A very interesting fact was that those who told the biggest lies had the most health complaints.  The study also noted that the average person tells 11 lies per week.  Other studies =, which have included “white lies” have quoted a higher daily rate of lying.  Perhaps, this studies statistic does not take into account our “white lies”.

So what will you do next time you really don’t want to tell the truth but also don’t want a headache? 

2 responses to “The Tangled Web of Illness & Deceit”

  1. Jay Abiona says:

    I have conducted well over 5000 interviews in my career with most of them being related to some type of crime, which 99.9% of the time resulted in some form of dishonesty during the interview. Yes, it is stressful hearing that many lies but I agree with this article that it must be even more stressful and unhealthy telling the lies. I teach a class to many businesses on detecting deception by reading body languge and facial expressions and promote Humintell in all of my presentations.

  2. Jay, agreed. Lying under high stakes is often very stressful and stress is not good for the bosy. Thanks so much for your support. If you’re interested in becoming a Humintell affiliate, please send us an email at

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