Benefits of Emotion Recognition Training

The real secret to success is about understanding and knowing how to address people and situations appropriately!

Humintell’s emotion recognition training can help you do just that and is perfect for every individual and skill level.

What are Microexpressions?

Microexpressions are concealed facial expressions of emotion, which people elicit in high stakes situations when they have something substantial to lose or gain.

They are characterized by the speed at which they flash on and off the face (as fast as 1/16th a second).

Why Humintell’s Trainings?

Our courses are the ONLY scientifically validated emotion recognition training tools on the market.

Humintell also offers trainings that teach you to detect facial expressions of emotion from multiple angles (frontal view, profile view and 3/4 side view of the face), a feature that is unique to our company.

 How Can Learning Microexpressions Help People?

Many of us know that being able to recognize microexpressions can aid in detection deception; therefore, it is a technique that is being more widely used in government organizations and law enforcement.  However, microexpressions can be beneficial in a wide variety of fields such as education, global business traveling, studying abroad, the health industry and much more.

A microexpression training tool, like MiX, can also be a non-pharmacological intervention technique to treat individuals who are affected by certain disorders such as schizophrenia as well as treating social disabilities.

There has been much emotion training literature that has been focused on training people with developmental or social disabilities, including individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (e.g., Barnhill, Cook, Tebbenkamp, & Myles, 2002), Autism (Bolte, Hubl, Feineis-Matthews, Prvulovic, Dierks, & Poustka, 2006; Solomon, Goodlin-Jones, & Anders, 2004), mental retardation (McAlpine, Singh, Ellis, & Kendall, 1992; Stewart & Singh, 1995), to individuals with acquired brain injury (Guercio, Podolska-Schroeder, & Rehfeldt, 2004).

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