Deception and Technology: The Magic of Truth and Lies

TEDTalks is a video podcast of the best talks and performances from TED conferences.  They feature the world’s leading thinkers and doers who give talks on their lives, their work, their revolutionary ideas & concepts in roughly 5 -20 minutes.

TEDTalks began as a simple attempt to share what happens at the TED Conference with the world. Under the slogan “ideas worth spreading,” talks were released online beginning in June 2006.  They rapidly attracted a global audience in the millions.  In April 2007, the entire TED website was re-engineered around TEDTalks, with the goal of giving everyone on-demand access to the world’s most inspiring voices.

Below is one such Talk, featuring Marco Tempest a renowned magician, who uses three iPods like magical props and  spins a clever, surprisingly heartfelt meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion.

 “One of my favorite magicians is Carl Jermaine.  When asked about deception he said this, ‘magic is the only Honest profession.  A magician promises to deceive you and he does.’ ”  He goes on to state that Deception is a fundamental part of life.We deceive to gain advantage and hide our weaknesses.  Art is a deception that creates real emotion.”  

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