Face Transplant: Update

In January of this year we shared the story of the first Full Face Transplant recipient, a Texas man, Dallas Weins who was very grateful for the life changing operation.

Reuters.com, has reported on another face transplant that has had such success that the recipient Richard Norris is able to brush his own teeth and shave!

The 37 year-old, from Virginia has a new face thanks to University of Maryland doctors.  The face came from an anonymous donor whose other organs saved five patients’ lives that day.

Faces play a very important role in the social interactions of humans.  They communicate so many things from our own emotional state to how we perceive others.  Science and technology have advanced so fast and are now able to give agency back to victims who have lost the ability to communicate with others via the nonverbal facial expressions that most of us take for granted everyday.

For more details on Norris’ story and to see a few pictures of face transplant recipients click the link above.

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