Full Face Transplant Patient

The US’s first full face transplant is now able to display facial expressions of emotion.

The 25 year-old from Fort Worth, Texas is doing very well.  Mail Online News has reported that since his surgery a handful more have received the full face transplant paving the way for the argument that it should more widely available.

The surgery is revolutionary.  After two dozen surgeries and still no recognizable features of a face,  Dallas Weins decided to receive the full face transplant.

He commented, “Having a new face has changed me dramatically.”  He goes on to admit that the decision to receive the transplant was more for his daughter than for himself.

In 2008 a high-voltage power line accident badly burned Weins’ face off.  Not quite four years later, he has now regained his sense of smell and is able to control his lips.

A study on Wein’s case as well as two others verifies, “The procedure can correct ‘severe deformities in a single operation’ rather than years of reconstructive surgery.”

‘To undergo a face transplant and regain normalcy allows me to do whatever I want to do,’ Weins said. ‘It’s a journey that I’ve just started.’

To see before and after photos of Dallas Weins click here.

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