Analyzing Drew Peterson’s Facial Expressions

A former police sergeant Drew Peterson is being charged with the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio and is a suspect in the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

Peterson’s third wife’s death was originally classified as an accidental drowning (2004) but after his fourth wife Stacy vanished from their home in October 2011, investigators reopened the case and in light of new evidence and re-examining her body Peterson is being charged with Kathleen’s murder.

The Huff Post Chicago reports that The Illinois Supreme Court ordered an appellate court to reconsider if hearsay evidence, which is being disputed should be allowed.

The hearsay evidence purportedly illustrates that Peterson had a financial and emotional motive to kill Savio, according to ABC Chicago.

Watch the video below from Larry King Live:

What do you think his body language in conjunction with his words is communicating?

Do you see any “Hot Spots” (where Peterson’s nonverbal behavior contradicts what he is saying)?


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5 responses to “Analyzing Drew Peterson’s Facial Expressions”

  1. Macmillan says:

    He begin with a manipulator gesture at 0:49.

    3:13 he have a small smile when he talk about his third wife

    4:08 he close his eyes and seem to be afraid.

    4:17 Shrug of shoulder

    4:38 smile of contempt

    5:28 strange smiling and he begin to close his eyes more, (Anxious maybe)

    5:55 The other guy don’t trust in what he say.

    6:55 his wife on the photo don’t seem to appreciate him, and try to be more distant

    6:58 A pinched smile from her

    7:32 Shrug of shoulder

    7:35 smile of contempt

    And after this, he keep control of himself but stay anxious and he answers fast the last questions.

    (I am French, and humain, I don’t have understand all, and maybe I have done some mistakes ^^)

  2. Reda says:

    tres bien mon ami , de bonnes observations ^^
    5:30 after answering the questions , he seemed afraid , shrug his head NO , and pacifying with his tongue.

  3. lucash says:

    Im a newbie, but still..
    3:51 adams apple, he is maybe srry for the loss
    3:58 me and my children believing + half shrug shoulder + that it was an accident
    4:38 not quite sure, whether its a smile or contempt
    all the talk of lawyer about polygraph … as macmillan says:he doesn’t believe in what he says.
    7:35 i dont believe him, when he’s saying he is not loosing his temper…

    Thats all… I hope that someone will show up with the hot spots i missed or missinterpret

  4. Macmillan says:

    Thanks you Reda ^^ like lucash I’m a newbie. And my english isn’t very good….

    lucash, even if you are a newby, remember, we can always learn from everythink ^^

    Good continuation to you two

  5. Thank you for all the great comments. Newbies or not it is good to practice spotting facial expressions of emotion and body language gestures in real world events such as interviews. Right or wrong on your comments it is always good to get a baseline before determining the validity of a person’s statements in conjunction with their body language.

    It is also important to note that his facial expressions and body language gestures are very subtle throughout the interview.

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