Subtle Expressions – Did You SEE That ?

Leveraging nearly 50 years of study and research, Humintell combines state-of-the-art behavioral science with real world practical experience to provide unique training.

Nonverbal behavior is a major component of communication, and facial expressions of emotion are the most important and complex signal system humans have.

Humintell’s advanced Subtle Facial Expression Training better known as SubX provides the user with facial expressions of lower intensity that are a major part of everyday communication especially in Detecting Deception .

Research has documented the existence of seven universally expressed and recognized facial expressions of emotion. The impact of this finding is immense: all people – regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, age, gender or religion – express these emotions in the face in exactly the same ways.

The ability to accurately read signs of emotion in the form of macroexpressions, microexpressions and subtle expressions is an extremely important skill for establishing relationships, building rapport, eliciting information, negotiations, and management positions.  Anyone who interacts with others on a face to face basis will benefit from our training.

Test your skills, try our Advanced SubX Training today!

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One response to “Subtle Expressions – Did You SEE That ?”

  1. delu says:

    When I watch the video, it appears to me that Mr. Matsumoto shakes his head at 2:02 as if he wants to say “no no no” when he is saying that both athletic groups reacted in exactly the same ways.
    Are these contradicting verbal and non-verbal expressions?

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