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According to NewsWise and the American Institute of Physics a research team at the University of Florida, Gainesville is expanding lie detection  capabilities and moving away from the old way of the polygraph, which was not always reliable, to the updated way of voice stress analysis.

The researchers confirmed that the human voice does in fact change in systematic ways under carefully measured stress tests.  Their findings, “Talker and gender effects in induced, simulated, and perceived stress in speech,”  will be presented Wednesday morning, Nov. 2.

“The results were a surprise. We had expected that higher stressors would prompt both increased physiological response and increased self-reported stress levels in all test subjects fairly uniformly for both men and women,” Dr. Harnsberge, a speech scientist in the Department of Linguistics, explains.  However, the research revealed hat men and women respond quite differently to the same stressors.

This type of research holds promise for the future by improving speech analysis systems such as lie detectors and computerized voice recognition.


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