Desperate Housewives

The topic of microexpressions have made it onto another hit t.v. show.  ABC’s  Desperate Housewives, which airs on Sundays 9/8 central has a great scene between Chuck and Bree about lying, deception and their telltale signs.

Bree’s former lover and officer of the law, Chuck surprises her as she arrives home.  He asks her a simple question , “Have you seen this man? as he holds up a picture of a guy, “Two months ago the night of that dinner party.  We were walking to your house and we passed him.  Right in front of your house, remember?”

Bree’s response is, ” I’ve never seen that man before in my life.” But for Chuck her facial expressions or microexpressions tell another story and their confrontation heats up. “Microexpressions flash across a persons face for a fraction of a second covering their true emotions, that’s how cops know when people lie,” Chuck retorts.

What do you think?  Is there more to Bree’s story than meets the eye?

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