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MSNBC has reported on the vast utilization of facial recognition software.

Many of the technological advances in facial recognition have been implemented by law enforcement for a while.  Now thanks to the worldwide internet and the amazing speed of technological advancements, useful technology is being shared with the average Joe.

New software is now able to match up perceptions with a person’s mood or intent.  The scientists involved with this new software experimented with different degrees of expressions to see how sensitive the program could be in capturing and interpreting facial expressions.

The study concludes that “Dominant” and “Threatening” expressions exhibit the highest and most consistent scores for all classification rules with accuracy higher than 77% for all the classifiers. Being able to recognize when a person is getting really angry is not only beneficial to law enforcement but to the individual walking down the street as well.

The benefit of these types of programs were delineated by the scientists, “The understanding of the social value of objects, including faces, requires the development of engaging interactive systems that act in socially meaningful ways.  For this purpose, analysis of facial images has become a major research topic with clear multidisciplinary implications.”

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