New Emotion Detection Tool? just announced this new technology brought to us by nViso . According to their website, this Lausanna based start-up has made a technical breakthrough.

One of 28 companies, nViso , an advanced facial imaging company, received finding form the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2009 to encourage innovation in the wake of the global economic turndown.

Tim Llewellynn, co-founder of nViso, purported that their software goes a step further than other facial recognition software with, “exact emotional intelligence gathered in real-time.

The company claims that their facial imaging software, “is able to accurately detect and decode facial micro-expressions and eye movements.” They use artificial intelligence and machine learning to decipher human emotions in a cost effective manner. This could be an alternative to the current more expensive brain imaging techniques.


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  1. Keith D. says:

    I would love to play with this system to see what its limitations and capabilities are.

    Digital cameras several years ago began to ship with “face detection” functions built in, so that they would automatically pick out faces in a picture and focus and expose in a way to capture people’s faces properly in difficult settings. Now, some cameras have taken that a little further and implemented “smile detection” and “blink detection” to try to capture photos when the subject is smiling and doesn’t have their eyes closed.

    Imagine one day having cameras that had “Duchenne marker detection” that would try to only capture photos in which a subject was showing a genuine smile. The photos would be subjectively much “higher quality” when they were captured, but it would capture a lot fewer photos. It would also probably result in a lot more camera sales to previous customers because so many might be thrown against a wall and smashed due to the frustration the camera users would have in getting it to take pictures of people. I find imagining that amusing, and while I would love to have a camera with that feature if it were reliable, I highly doubt it will ever be included because most people don’t smile genuinely for most photos unless it’s a professional taking the shots who is skilled at coaxing it out of them.

  2. Interesting thought on the Duchenne marker detection camera!

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