Science of Sex Appeal: Is Your Face Attractive?

The Discovery Channel has suggested that most of us are drawn to the opposite sex who got a strong dose of sex hormones during puberty.

Why is this?  A very masculine face in a man suggests high levels of testosterone and a woman’s face that is feminine suggests that she has high levels of estrogen and progesterone signaling a healthy reproductive system.  This indicates good health and fertility.

Check out the video below, which delineates the process sex hormones have on individuals:


2 responses to “Science of Sex Appeal: Is Your Face Attractive?”

  1. Russ Conte says:

    People can debate all day if someone’s face is attractive, but research seems to show that people with more testosterone have a significantly impaired ability to recognize faces. See here:

    So while the face might be attractive, they have to get along, too, and that’s a whole other issue 🙂

    Russ Conte

  2. Russ – that is a very interesting insight. Thanks for the added link.

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