Crying Without Tears

What if you couldn’t cry?  Or what if you couldn’t recognize your own face when you were sad and wanted your tears to flow?

There are people who do not have the ability to cry and that can have a huge affect on their mental well-being.

Scientists think that people with Sjogren’s syndrome, who do not have the ability to shed tears also might experience difficulty in expressing  their emotions leaving them to rely on their facial expressions and words to let people know how they feel.

EurekAlert reported that a Dutch study, which assessed 300 people showed that patients with Sjogren’s syndrome were labeled clinically “alexithymic”.   This means that they have difficulty identifying and describing emotions.  These patients were compared to the control group where only 12% of the healthy controls had difficulty identifying emotions.

A very interesting fact that the study revealed was that higher levels of alexithymia were moderately correlated with worse mental well-being in both groups.

2 responses to “Crying Without Tears”

  1. dolores says:

    today my daughter yelled at me for some time about things that we have both done to each orther. i began to cry and sobbing uncontrollably, but not tears came. it keep up for 2 hrs and i was unable to stop. also either my stomach or my heart hurt a great deal and continued thru the day. was did i not have tears and why could i not stop.

  2. Carolina Hill says:

    My fiance cries with no tears. He said hes been that way all his life. At first I thought it was fake crying, but I could see the anguish in his face, his eyes got red and his voice changed and shook like when actually crying. He was actually crying. But without tears.

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