Do You Swear to Tell the Truth?

Is honor court an effective tool in coercing the younger generation into telling the truth?  According to students at the University of Virginia, yes it is.

Students at the University created an “honor court” in lieu of a court of “justice”. 

The Daily Progress delineates the difference between a court seeking justice and one seeking honor.  The difference is that unlike an honor court, a court of justice has the flexibility to distinguish between experimental versus incorrigible behavior.

They side with the court of justice whose penalties can be much less severe.  The UV’s honor court expels students found guilty on the first offense!

This is a key fact because scientific studies have shown that 1 in 4 students will cheat at least once in college, but those students most often self correct stopping after the first incident.

The Daily Progress goes on to affirm that universities have a right to fairly evaluate each student’s achievement and Cheating violates that right.

However, they suggest that the honor court’s message – you can come to school here, but only if you promise to be good- is pretty juvenile.

What do you think?  Is Honor court effective or do you prefer a court of Justice?

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