Reading Nonverbal Behavior

When people focus solely on verbal communication, we have found that they miss the vast bulk of the information provided by posture, gesture, facial expression, gaze direction and gait – all expressions of nonverbal behaviors. This workshop improves participant’s understanding of nonverbal behavior by helping them identify and understand the various channels of nonverbal behaviors and their functions. Participants develop their ability to recognize signs of emotion as well as what psychologists call illustrators, manipulators, emblems and conversation regulators.

Participants learn how to:

  • Improve their knowledge about illustrators, manipulators, regulators, emblems and emotional signals in multiple channels including the face, voice, posture and gesture
  • Identify and understand nonverbal behaviors in everyday situations

We train participants on the nature and function of nonverbal behavior using real-life examples. Since emotions and facial expressions are a major part of the world of nonverbal behavior, this workshop incorporates content from the Reading Emotions in Others workshop.

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