Introduction to Reading People Program

7-2-2014 2-44-38 PM$119.00 $59.00 

We are excited to announce a *BRAND NEW* Introduction to Reading People Program!

Ideal for everyone wishing to improve their Reading People skills!

What’s the program about?

In this one hour recorded program, Dr. Matsumoto gives a brief overview of two of the most significant discoveries from the past 50 years of nonverbal communication research – facial expressions of emotions and gestures.

Using videos to illustrate his points, Dr. Matsumoto helps viewers “separate the signal from the noise” and discusses what they can and can’t learn from micro-facial expressions and gestures. It’s a perfect companion to our existing suite of courses.

Who can benefit?

This new program provides an important overall framework to help you gain additional insights about the personality, motivation, and intentions of others.

Who is the program host?

Dr. David Matsumoto, Director of Humintell, is a renowned expert in the field of microexpressions, facial expression, gesture, nonverbal behavior, emotion and culture. He has published over 400+ articles, manuscripts, book chapters and books on these subjects.

What happens when I purchase the program?

When you purchase the program you’ll be sent a link and access information. The link is good for an unlimited amount of time and you can come back to the program and watch it any time you’d like.

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