IntelliGesture℠: The World of Gestures


What was the webinar about?

What are gestures? What are the different types of gestures that exist and how can I use them to better read people when interacting with them? All those questions and more were answered within this 90 minute webinar recording!

Through a series of powerpoint presentation, video examples and interactive Q&A, participants improved their ability to: understand what gestures are and their significance, gain insight into a person’s motivation, personality and intentions, and understand what and how others are thinking.

 Who was the webinar host?

Our webinar host was Humintell Director Dr. David Matsumoto. He is a world-renowned expert in the fields of nonverbal communication, culture and emotion and has published over 400+ articles, manuscripts, book chapters and books on these subjects.

Dr. Matsumoto is the current Director of Humintell, current Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University and former instructor at the FBI National Academy. He has trained individuals from a variety of organizations and companies including the Department of State, Department of Interior, US Marshals Service, TSA, FBI, Procter and Gamble, Kaiser Permanente, Google, and Twitter.

What happens when I purchase the recording?

After purchase you’ll be sent a link and access information that you will use to view the recording. We use Adobe Connect Pro software. The authentication process prevents people from passing the link to others who have not purchased the recording. The link is good for an unlimited amount of time and you can come back to the webinar and watch it any time you’d like. Please note that the webinar link is strictly for personal use only and if we see abuse of it, we will promptly cancel your access to it. Distribution of training materials is also strictly prohibited.

See what people who attend the webinar are saying:

“Dr. Matsumoto structured the learning effectively and showed the importance of culturally specific emblems”.

Keith Ashcroft

“The instructor had clear communication of the subject. The webinar showed me I need to learn more about emblems”.

Dennis Coleman

“Dr. Matsumoto communicated the information well. I specifically learned that Illustrators are possible to be absent from a conversation but is difficult and that leakage of gestures may happen to display mood or emotion in a conversation.”.

Kregg Carney

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