Fastest Facial Recognition System in the UK reports on the most watched country in the world: Britain.  Leicestershire police officers are the first in the UK to test NEC’s NeoFace, a face recognition software that is being hailed as the fastest and most accurate in the world (NeoFace ranks number one in independent face matching speed and accuracy tests).

The facial recognition software has been used to efficiently process their surveillance data and can analyze dozens of facial features captured by police body cameras matching them to the 90,000 photos stored in the Leicestershire PD’s database.

NeoFace is not only transforming the face of surveillance, but also consumer marketing.  The video below gives you a more accurate idea of how this can be used in marketing and how the program actually works.

Surprisingly, this program is only about $880.00/per month and only needs NEC’s cloud computing technology and a regular PC with a camera.

NeoFace is just making its debut in the UK but has already been used in the United States. The Chicago Police Department used the system to sort through 4.5 million booking photos to help convict a suspected armed robber.

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