Cultural Problems in the Workplace


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Learning to identify cultural problems in your workplace can help boost your happiness with your job. reports on the 10 signs that there is culture trouble in the workplace and they’re not talking about employee’s ethnic background. Rather they discuss the importance of how employees and employers work together and the overall cohesiveness of the work environment. Below are some of the signs the article mentions:

 1. Your work environment is less than tidy:

Look for things to be neatly put away and arranged. Look for clean meeting rooms and work friendly space. If not, it’s likely that nobody really cares how the place looks.

2. Only the bosses get an office:

In some situations, space and office availability dictates that only the bosses get to enjoy the privacy of an office. In other cases, if everyone is working from a cubicle except the bosses, the culture in the company is entirely hierarchical. That puts employees and employers at odds.

3. You never hear any mention of the culture:

In a situation where there are culture problems in the workplace, your qualifications will be the most important factor. Nobody will be saying, “This is a great place to work,” because they just don’t feel it.

4. You were hired based off excellence, and excellence is expected:

If you’re interviewing, you’ll find that your interviewer only talks about achievements.

5. The only wall decorations you’ll see are posters of the company’s values.

6. Everyone seems to be working at 5:00 pm and showing no signs of slowing down.

A company with a truly good culture doesn’t make you feel guilty for wanting to head home or having a family life.

7. Does it just seem off?

Workplaces should run smoothly. Employees shouldn’t look as if they are bored or unhappy. They shouldn’t look stressed most of the time either.

If you are working amid cultural problems in the workplace, your career might actually be at risk. Truly good culture can help with individual employees’ long term financial stability and happiness, which in turn can effect their productivity.  To find out all of the signs read the entire article.

Share your work experience:  give us some good & not so good examples of your workplace culture!

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