The Truth Lies in Our Eyes ?


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A new device is being held to detect deception by accurately reading eye behavior.  Broadway comments on this non-invasive lie detection method called EyeDetect.

Scientists at Utah based company Conversus, which invented the EyeDetect and the computerized polygraph, claim that their device can detect whether a person is being honest or is lying through subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye due to increased cognitive load.

Will this device replace the current polygraph or surpass it and be admitted into courts of law ?

Probably not anytime soon.  EyeDetect monitors the eye behavior of individuals using a high-speed eye tracker to measure subtle changes and then combines the measures in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception.  The polygraph measures a person’s emotional response when lying, whereas EyeDetect evaluates changes in cognitive load associated with deception.

The scientists purport that the two technologies provide partially independent sources of diagnostic information about deception and may be used in combination to great advantage in some applications. However, there is no additional research to support that veracity can be determined solely from a person’s eyes.  In the company’s validation trial this “ocular motor deception test” had an 85% accuracy rate.

If this device can be proven, with further research, to be effective and accurate then perhaps the EyeDetect can be put into the category of a deception detection tool.  However, as of now, it seems to be more of a screening device than a bonafide  lie detector.  As with any tool or technique for evaluating truthfulness (i.e. the polygraph, or reading nonverbal tells) there is no one real sign that someone is being dishonest.  These are screening techniques/devices that have the potential to analyze individuals such as employees for hot spots that might lead to unveiling dishonesty such as previous issues with theft or fraud.

We deal with a lot of sensitive information where the potential for risk is very high, said Vilash Poovala, co-founder and CTO of PayClip. developer of Clip a card reader that enables users in Mexico to accept credit and debit card payments through their smartphones and tablets.We need to make sure the people we hire can be trusted. Technology like EyeDetect that can effectively screen potential employees for previous issues with theft or fraud is long overdue.

Converus is focusing its initial efforts in demonstrating EyeDetect’s technological ability  as a pre-employment and periodic screening tool to help effectively manage risk and ensure workplace integrity.

Do You Think The Key to Unlocking The Truth Lies in our Eyes?

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