Facial Recognition Technology – In New & Unusual Places

                Courtesy of Disney Heracles

Courtesy of Disney Heracles

Being  able to accurately and quickly recognize VIP’s such as actors, actresses and Wall Street Tycoons can be a very lucrative skill for certain types of businesses.

NPR reports on the the new use of facial recognition technology that is being implemented in high-end retail stores and hotels.

This VIP-identification technology is designed by NEC IT Solutions, a UK company,  which provides similar technology to security agencies to identify criminals and terrorists.

The fascinating thing about this software it that it works even when people are wearing scarves, hats or sunglasses. If the system is able to match a face to a person the progran sends an alert to staff via computer, iPad or smartphone, providing details like dress size, favorite buys or shopping history.

It’s important to note that facial recognition is very different from facial expression recognition such as the Micro and Subtle Expression training tools that Humintell offers.

An interesting fact is that, according to NEC IT Solutions, recent tests have found that facial hair, aging, or changes in weight or hair color do not affect the accuracy of the system. It is currently being tested in a dozen undisclosed stores and hotels in the U.S. and U.K.

 Is this an invasion of privacy for these VIP’s?  Share your thoughts with the Humintell Community!

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