How To Detect A Lie – Humintell’s Workshop at the California Academy of Sciences

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Wouldn’t you love to know how to spot a lie?

A lucky few who attended NightLife at the California Academy of Scienceson July 11, 2013 learned some key concepts about how to spot a lie with Humintell Director Dr. David Matsumoto.

What exactly is NightLife?  

It is an ongoing event for adults 21+ that takes place every Thursday evening at San Francisco’s CA Academy of Sciences. Event goers have access to all of the current displays and attractions at the academy such as the ever popular planetarium, aquarium and living rain forest exhibit.  Combine all those fun attractions with educational presentations (on theme topics), drinks, dancing and good company and that is NightLife.

What was covered in the workshop?

Spotting a lie is more complex than some people think.  Research has shown we learn to lie at a very young age (for more info see our past blogs To Youth Are Our Best Liars and Telling Liesand that there isn’t one tell-tale sign of a liar that is consistent in all situations. 

But liars do give off behavioral cues and these cues often occur in multiple channels such as gestures, voice and verbal style. One thing’s for sure: people from all walks of life can improve their ability to detect lies by becoming more aware and skillful in reading the nonverbal cues to lying.

An area that individuals can focus on are facial expressions of emotion, especially those known as micro- and subtle expressions, because these both are involuntary and have demonstrated association with deception.

Want to learn more?

Consider booking an Evaluating Truthfulness or Reading Emotions workshop for your group or organization.

A complete listing of the Workshops Humintell offers can be found here:

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