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The technology behind facial recognition is fast spreading from realistic video games to lie detection computerized border patrol. Facial recognition software is making its way into almost every aspect of our lives.

Geeky Gadgets reports on the next step in this security defense software.  Google is developing a new phone facial security unlock code.  In the recent past, they have implemented a face unlock feature via Ice Cream Sandwich OS that allowed multiple users the ability to unlock the same phone via their faces.   Now Google is aiming for a full facial recognition password feature.

This new technology can recognize gestures that are seen on the human face on a daily basis.  Google’s pending patent shows that sticking your tongue out, smiling, wrinkling your nose or raising an eyebrow can soon be the facial password to billions of phones across the globe.

With so many password and pins being easily hacked this new security feature offers a sense of power and relief at knowing your phone’s contents are safe.  However, as the article points out, Google’s competitors are hot on their tail.  Other companies are working on different security measures such as a fingerprint unlock feature.

So what about swapping a real face for a picture of a real face ?   Well, an interesting aspect found in the patent document is about a laser-integrating 3D rangefinder, with which the system identifies people’s faces in 3D, and thereby skip the danger of not being able to tell a real face from the picture of one.

Instead of someone needing a snapshot of your face, they’d need to catch you smiling or making whatever kind of expression you’ve set for your phone’s security system. Expressions occur and disappear within microseconds, making it extremely difficult for someone to copy (hack).

 Are you ready to change to a facial recognition password?


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