Dogs Reading Emotions

Are dogs able to sense people’s emotions by looking at their facial expressions? Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but why is it that they can so easily read and interpret human emotions? BBC has delved into the science of this phenomena.

Researchers have found that posed expressions are more asymmetrical than spontaneous expressions, especially smiles.  Some suggest that human emotion seems to be more accurately portrayed on the right side of the face, which is the side most of us tune into naturally.

People tend to have a natural left gaze bias that is we tune into the left side of what is facing us, which is the right side of the other person’s face.

Composite faces consisting of to left sides or two right sides look very different and the right side, as the video below demonstrates tend to look more natural

The question is do dogs use the same bias to read human faces.  Science found that this in fact is true, which could be why dogs tend to read human emotion quickly and accurately.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think of this phenomena?

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