Susan Constantine Reports on the Jodi Arias Trial

Jodi Arias is on trial in Arizona for the murder of her on again, off again boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Her trial has been filled with numerous memory lapses, recantations, and to many she seems to be a master manipulator and habitual liar.  She originally reported that she was not present at the crime scene and then later admitted to being present and taking photos of Travis.

Susan Constantine, Humintell’s Florida affiliate and body language expert has commented on the Arias trial.  She has been featured on numerous TV stations and in many articles such as US News article on body language and job interviews.

In the 3 minute clip below, Susan talks about Jodi’s poised and controlled demeanor breaking down and her leaking microexpressions such as contempt.


YouTube Preview Image


Susan further dissects Jodi’s demeanor and explains the nuances  that show the discrepancies between what she is saying  and what her body language is displaying.  Pay attention between 2:45- 2:52.

What do you see ?


YouTube Preview Image



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