Cross-Cultural Gestures – ‘Defense Insider’ Podcast

Dr.  David Matsumoto, Humintell’s director and professor/director of the Emotion and Culture Research Lab at San Francisco State University was interviewed by The Defense Insider to comment on cross-cultural gestures.  This podcast examines inter-group aggression and violence as it pertains to studies of emotions and culture.

What role do emotions play in aggressive behavior and how is this information used for viable and actionable intelligence for the military?

Dr. Matsumoto is one of the leading researchers in the field of cross-cultural psychology.  He has developed a product specific for learning to adapt in our global world, IntelliCulture– Humintell’s Cross-Cultural Adaptation tool.

IntelliCulture is perfect for individuals who interact with people from other cultures: from the student studying abroad to the businessman or woman engaging in international negotiations.

The Defense Insider’s interview covers the main lessons learned from the ‘Mivera Grant’, and touches on tools and technologies aiding this Cross-Cultural research.


To listen to the podcast of Dr. Matsumoto’s interview click here.

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