Is Anger Really Negative?

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The French reports on information from behavioral psychologists that says anger is simply a normal human feeling and can be very useful.

The article notes that there are two types of anger: constructive and de-constructive.  Constructive anger, just like the name notes, can be beneficial and keep us out of harm’s way.  However, de-constructive anger is usually misplaced and can cause damage to us and others.

According to behavioral psychologist Tafrate, getting angry often is deconstructive and harmful.  It can lead to damaged relationships, poor work performance and bad parenting.

There is also added health risks to deconstructive anger such as high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.  However, anger can also be a motivator an attribute usually associated with a positive emotion.

In a past blog, Anger: Does it Motivate us?, from November of last year, Dr. Matsumoto noted that we should avoid labeling emotions as good or bad.

Emotions, including anger, are immediate, automatic, unconscious reactions to things that happen around us.  Many of us would probably agree that it’s not bad to feel anger towards someone who tries to steal your purse or harm you or your family.  It all depends on the context in which the emotion occurs.

So, next time your feeling your temperature rise, take a deep breath and use it to your advantage in a constructive way.

 What are your thoughts on Anger? 

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