Dr. David Matsumoto – NPR Interview

NPR’s ScienceFriday  has just released  their interview with Dr. David Matsumoto, Humintell’s Director, San Francisco State University psychology professor and microexpressions expert.

Dr. Matsumoto has been doing extensive research in the fields of Evaluating Truthfulness, Detecting Deception, Microexpressions (fleeting flashes of emotion that appear when someone is trying to conceal information) and Culture for many years.

He has worked with various government agencies and has contributed to numerous publications including the FBI Law Enforcement  Bulletin “Evaluating Truthfulness & Detecting Deception” and has been featured in various articles such as the New York Times’, Proud is Proud, Sighted or not, Researchers Find.

During this interview Dr. Matsumoto points out that microexpressions are subtle cues that may reveal how an interview subject is feeling, which can aid officials in honing their line of questioning.

To LISTEN to the entire interview click here

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