Emotion Sense Phone App

How would you react to your phone asking you if your super excited or feeling depressed?

HuffPost Tech reports on this new app for smartphones that is programmed to inquire and track your emotions throughout the day.

How it Works:

The app will pop up periodically asking its user how they are feeling.  It will then record and keep the user’s reponses so that it can track any patterns.  I will also invisibly monitor data such as a user’s calling and texting patterns as well as  track their converstaions to get an accurate log of how they are feeling.

Cecilia Mascolo, a reader in mobile systems at the Cambridge Computer Lab, points out, “Most people who see a therapist may only have an appointment once every fortnight.  Many, however, keep their phones with them most of the time. In terms of sheer presence, mobiles can provide an ongoing link with a person.

This is similar to a past blog about 3D therapists.  For a fration of the cost, this app could be a pocket therapist that individuals can take anywhere and everywhere.

What is Your Opinion on this new Smartphone App? 

Is it a great idea or does it infringe on our privacy?


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