Only 6 days left for Early Bird Pricing – Evaluating Truthfulness LIVE Webinar


“Learn to identify when there’s more to the story than what’s being said”

Join us for our Evaluating Truthfulness Webinar

When: Saturday, April 27th from 11 am-1 pm Pacific Standard Time

*Pricing includes a recorded version of the webinar for no additional cost

The ability to evaluate truthfulness and assess credibility is a crucial skill for many professionals.

Participants in this 2-hour webinar will learn how to improve their skills in reading emotions and other nonverbal behaviors that have been scientifically proven to be associated with truthfulness and deception and those that have not.

In addition, participants improve their individual abilities to make such judgments by focusing on the world of nonverbal behaviors evaluated in context against verbal output all from real world videos and interviews.

This webinar will include updated videos and a Q&A with the host, a 30+ year law enforcement veteran. 

Hurry! Early Bird Pricing ends in 6 Days!

What people have said in the past:

“The pace of speech, tone and inflection was executed really well. I also enjoyed the instructor’s sense of humor. The most valuable skill that I gained was the practice and analysis of video examples in evaluating what I saw, versus what an expert might see”. Terry Vaughn,




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