April 27, 2013 Evaluating Truthfulness LIVE Webinar

Improve your ability to spot clues to potential deception via nonverbal behaviors

Join us for our Evaluating Truthfulness Live Webinar!

When: Saturday April 27, 2013

Time: 11am-1pm Pacific Time

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Regular Pricing  $125  (Registration accepted until April 26th)

*Regular pricing includes a webinar recording link that you can view after the webinar is complete.

What will the webinar be about?

The ability to evaluate truthfulness and assess credibility is a crucial skill for many professionals.

Participants in this 2-hour webinar will learn how to improve their skills in reading emotions and other nonverbal behaviors. Through a series of power point presentation, video and interactive discussion, participants will improve their ability to spot clues to potential deception via nonverbal behaviors.

Participants also will learn which nonverbal behaviors have been scientifically proven to be associated with truthfulness and deception and which have not. In addition, participants improve their individual abilities to make such judgments by focusing on the world of nonverbal behaviors evaluated in context against verbal output.

Please note that this webinar will include a powerpoint presentation, updated videos, and a Q&A with the host. Even if you’ve attended one of our webinars in the past, this will be a great refresher!

Who is the webinar host?

Our webinar host has an extensive background in law enforcement spanning over 34 years with extensive experience in conducting interviews and managing complex criminal investigations. In addition, he has presented training for federal, state and local government as well as for the private sector.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask our webinar host questions throughout the two hour webinar!

What happens when I purchase the webinar?

When you purchase the webinar you’ll be sent a link and access information that you will use to view the webinar on April 27, 2013. We use Adobe Connect Pro software. The authentication process prevents people from passing the link to others who have not purchased the webinar.

Please note that the webinar link is strictly for personal use only and if we see abuse of it, we will promptly cancel your access to it. Distribution of training materials is also strictly prohibited.

See what people who attend past webinars are saying:

“Joe kept it at a level where I could learn. It was non-clinical and easy to understand. I liked the Alphabet reference for the recall of what I need to look for during my interviews. The videos were also great evaluation tools to test my skills”.

Michael Mejia, Detective, Twin Cities Police Authority

“The instructor addressed questions that were e-mailed in and broke the determining a “lie or truth” decision about a subject down into components”.

Darrell D. Dorrell Financial Forensics

“The pace of speech, tone and inflection was executed really well. I also enjoyed the instructor’s sense of humor. The most valuable skill that I gained was the practice and analysis of video examples in evaluating what I saw, versus what an expert might see”.

Terry Vaughn, tvempowers.com

“The instruction was both engaging and knowledgeable; the instructor was up-to-date with research, news and what Humintell is currently doing”.

Ian Trudel

“The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, and was able to relate the material so it was easy to understand. The idea of identifying hotspots and then investigating the reason for the inconsistencies was the most important skill that I learned”.

– Mike M., Social Exploits

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