Positive Psychology

As it moves beyond a focus on disease, What can Modern Psychology Help Us to Become ?

For more than 60 years, psychology worked within the focus area of the disease model. That is, it was about finding out what was wrong with someone.   During that time, the disorders addressed within psychology were not treatable; however,  now there are many that are and a few that can be cured.

In a CNN interview in response to the question “What is the state of psychology today?”,  psychologist and author Martin Seligman answered, “Not Good Enough”!

Martin states that the New Era of Positive Psychology aims are to be:

1.  Just as concerned with human strength as it is with weakness

2.  Just as interested with building strength as with repairing damage (i.e. interested in the best things in life).

3.  Just as concerned with making normal lives better (fulfilling) as it is with healing pathology.

Delve deeper into the question of how modern psychology can help us by watching  Martin’s TED Talk on the new era of positive psychology.


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