Glasses VS. Phones ?

It’s the end of an era!

Although the iPhone 5 just hit stores, the Business Insider says, say good bye to the smart phone.

So what exactly is going to overtake the smart phone?  So many people are overly attached to their devices it is hard to image a life without them.

Well, …remember when the kid with the glasses was four-eyes or the nerd –  not anymore!

Google Glasses are the new hot item and a smart phone’s nemesis.  Granted these are no ordinary glasses,  they are, as you might have imagined, computerized (what isn’t these days).

‘A fad’ you say?

Well, Microsoft is also jumping on that bandwagon and is creating glasses of their own.  There are important differences between the two technologies being used by Google and Microsoft.

Google has decided not to employ an augmented type of reality in their glasses. That is data and illustrations will not overlay the actual surroundings of the user as can be seen in many futuristic movies.  They have chosen to implement a tiny screen implanted in the upper left hand corner of the glasses that can relay information from the web, TV, additional info on what you are actually seeing etc.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has embedded  information about what you are seeing right over the actual “real” picture view from the user’s glasses.  That is if you are watching a baseball game and player 32 comes up to bat, information on that players stats could appear right over or next to him.  To see an example of this go to the article (linked above) and scroll down.

The writer Nicholas Carlson goes on to point out that computer technology has been significantly decreasing in size since it’s inception and further purports that this technology will soon be so small that it can be implanted in our brains.  Sound ridiculous – some scientists have suggested that this is in fact where computer technology is headed – straight to our brain (watch a video on this click here).

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