Face Changes

Slate.com has revealed some very interesting pictures of soldiers faces before, during and after their term of service.   They attempt to show how life changing situations are reflected in our faces and answer questions such as, Does tragedy truly show up in our eyes and brow?

Psychology Today has an interesting article that directly relates to Claire Felicie’s photographs, on the connection between looks and personality, which they purport play out on every face we see.

There is only a 12-month lapse between the first and last photos.  Pay particular attention to the faces in the last photo especially their eyes and mouths.  Even if you find that the wrinkles and marks are the same, comparing the left picture to the right there seems to be an undeniable difference, even if you cannot point to one thing specifically as the cause of that difference.

 To see all of the photos click here.

 What do you notice in these faces?  

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