Facial Expression of Emotions Recognition in Real Time – Really ?

Omron, a Japanese automation company, has just developed technology that can detect six of the seven universal facial expressions of emotion (happiness, disgust, sadness, fear, surprise, and anger) in real time.

They already have software, “OKAO Vision”  that is currently used in the auto focus of digital cameras & smart phones.

In a past blog, we reported on this type of technology, which made its appearance in the video game L.A. Noire , which used motion scan technology to capture actors’ facial expressions from all angles.  This can now be upgraded to reflect your facial expressions and use them to create a personalized avatar reacting and responding realistically and in real time in various interactive video games.

 RTT News  reports that this new technology combines the company’s 3D model-fitting technology and its statistical classification method to estimate facial expressions based on the relative position of all facial parts.  The company also claims that the technology is capable of high-speed estimation that requires very little system memory.

Gamers everywhere rejoice technology is bringing many of you what you’ve always wanted…Realistic interactive software that puts you (at least your facial expressions)  in the Game.

 What do you think about this software?  Is it really realistic and in real time? Or does technology still need to perfect this software?

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