As a growing global society we need to learn how to adapt to cross-cultural differences in order to succeed in most fields.

As more and more students and professionals live, work, visit, and are educated in countries that are not their native countries , our perceptions of our own cultural roots and social values invariably defines the friction and struggle we as individuals face in our now hybrid social lives. delves into this topic and attributes much of our cultural confusion of  traditionalism vs. modernity to language.

“Multiculturalism and the evolution of the world into a global village connected in interdependence has widened the contours of our knowledge and our perspectives.”

The article goes on to state that language is the most important and comprehensive channel through which societies pass on history, culture and social values from one generation to the next.

The most prevalent differences in culture, according to the article, are between Eastern and Western cultures, which often times causes huge culture shocks.

The article specifically references the Kashmir language but it could really be any language/culture.  It points out, “A string of intertwined factors in our society have resulted in a weakened interest and pride in our history and culture – be it our handicrafts, our literature or the symbols of Kashmir.”

Do think that our society has a weakened interest in cultural pride and history? 

Well, Humintell understands that miscommunications due to not understanding a divergent culture can be detrimental to any social or business transaction.  Many of these miscommunications can be avoided by simply learning some basic communication tools.

IntelliCulture , Humintell’s cross-cultural adaptation training tool helps broaden your understanding of culture and provides you with useful tips on how to leverage cultural differences to improve interactions with all people of all cultures.

Try a free demo and get a better understanding of the definition of culture, where culture comes from and how it influences behavior.

IntelliCulture is comprised of 4 modules, which can be purchased as a single unit or indivdually.  See which option best fits your needs and because we appreciate your being an important part of the Humintell Community we are offering our blog readers 20% of their IntelliCulture purchase.

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