Free Demos

Humintell offers a variety of microexpression and subtle expression training tools as well as a NEW cross cultural adaptation course!

Demos currently available:

  • MiX 2 Demo (Microexpressions)
  • SubX Demo (Subtle expressions)
  • IntelliCulture (Introduction and Pre-test)

View a complete list of all our online training tools here


To take a FREE test drive of some of our online training tools, please register at or by clicking on the lock icon at the top right hand side of this page.

Once there, you should see a page like this:


Register for a Free Account by entering a Username, Name and Password


Once you have created an account, login and click “request demo training” to begin our free demo courses.


Currently we offer demos for the SubX training, MiX 2 and IntelliCulture, our cross cultural adaptation course!


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