James Holmes’ Facial Expressions

Several people have asked us to comment on James Holmes’ facial expressions during his first court appearance on July 23.

The 24 year-old Holmes is the sole suspect in the Aurora Theater shootings which left 12 people dead and almost 60 others wounded.

Our thoughts go out to all the victims’ families affected by this senseless tragedy.

Photographs are often difficult to analyze, as you cannot usually tell if the expression is a reaction or a gesture.  You also cannot see how long the expression is on the face.

When asked what facial expression can be observed in the picture above, Dr. Matsumoto states that it “Depends on how long it’s on the face and if it’s a reaction or a gesture.  If reaction then fear. If gesture then disbelief”

Can a photograph serve as a reliable document of truth?

Take a look at Dr. Matsumoto’s Academy of Art interview below to hear his thoughts.

3 responses to “James Holmes’ Facial Expressions”

  1. Mark Ellis says:

    There is a video on YouTube. Interesting viewing

  2. Javier Vazquez says:

    Yeah i was wondering if you guys could make some analysis too.

  3. Humintell Admin says:

    Thanks for your comments. We’re posting a video analysis of James Holmes tomorrow. Please stay tuned!

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