James Holmes’ Behavior in Court

Yesterday we gave Dr. Matsumoto’s analysis of a still expression of James Holmes in court on Monday. We explained that photographs are often difficult to analyze, as you cannot usually tell if the expression is a reaction or a gesture.  You also cannot see how long the expression is on the face.

We had Dr. Matsumoto review the live video of James Holmes in his first court appearance (below). His thoughts?

He sees fear and sadness (distress) in the face. This is illustrated by the raising of the brows and crinkling of the forehead. However, the drooping eyelids makes it appear he is under the influence of drugs or is highly medicated. His odd behavior could also be attributed to an out of reality experience of some sort. It’s difficult to tell.

Have you seen Holmes’ behavior? Take a look below to see for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

2 responses to “James Holmes’ Behavior in Court”

  1. Mark Ellis says:

    I also noticed anger at about 6:20 when the judge confirmed that publicity would be at the discretion of the court

  2. And what`s happening with his compagnon at 0:14 – a AU 17 followed by looking down and AU 15 + 24?

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