Is Big Brother Watching the Bay Area?

The New American has reported that Big Brother is alive and kicking in the Bay Area!

With the constant advancement in technology being able to “watch” and track what before seemed difficult at best has become as common as the cell phones people carry across the globe.

Now, new cameras are not only going to record what people are doing, but they will notify a real person of those events in real time!  The Daily Mail commented, “Using a range of in-built parameters of what is ‘normal’ the cameras then send a text message to a human guard to issue an alert-or call them.”

These cameras are also programmed to do a lot more.  The company behind the camera, BRS Labs, states that the cameras “have the capability to learn from what they observe.”

 Does this sound Necessary or Creepy?

“The video surveillance technology we have invented is distinctly and materially different from the simple recognition capabilities found in video analytics solutions currently available from a number of vendors in the physical security market,” confirms BRS Labs President John Frazzini.

So how does this effect San Franciscans?  Well, the cameras have already been installed in prime tourist attractions, government buildings and military bases, and are now being prepared to be installed throughout the transportation system in San Francisco, including buses, trams, and subways.

According to the company, the cameras will eventually be placed in 12 San Francisco stations, 22 cameras per station, totaling nearly 300 cameras in all.

Is such reliance on technology necessary or is it taking away the work that a person should be doing? 

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