How to Be a Better Boss

In today’s economy being an effective and perhaps likable boss can prove beneficial  for your employers therefore your company.

In the workforce, bosses are famous for doing things that their subordinates don’t really like but is in the best interest of  the  company.

Aol has reported that being able to balance priorities with emotions and having the ability to read other people are great skills for being an effective supervisor.

Are you a boss? Below are a few helpful hints on how to implement company policy and regulations while maintaining an amicable working environment for your employees.  

  1. Fear is NOT Effective  Having a micro management or “my way or the highway” attitude  can diminish moral and productivity or your employers.  This can be hard especially when your dealing with deadlines and time sensitive accounts.  Think of it as being a coach of a team in the championship basketball game and it is the fourth quarter with 45 sec. left and you’re down by 10 points.  It not impossible but you have to give them the motivation to be determined, rise to the occasion and get the job done!
  2. Don’t Let Stress Control You  It’s normal for  us to react somehow to stress and for our emotions to manifest themselves.  Good managers maintain control and don’t allow stress to dictate their behavior
  3. Don’t Distance Yourself from Employees  Hierarchies are often looked down upon by workers.  Those at the bottom resent being reminded of their place within them. The best managers sit with their teams in a symbolic gesture of solidarity.
  4. Manage Up More than Down  Mediating the tension between senior management’s wishes and the demands of the front-line employees can often prove difficult. Good managers collect data, build arguments and attempt to influence the decision makers. In addition, good managers find clever means by which to represent their team’s interests as the best interests of the senior managers.
  5. Genuinely Seek Feedback   This is just what it sounds like accept and implement good feedback from your employees.  After all, they are the ones doing much of the work and know how to improve it.

Good, clear and concise communication is the key to being a great boss and eliminating confusion about assignments and deadlines.

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