Microexpression Tracking Software

Facial expression recognition software development is becoming the new concentration of computer sciences.

Researchers from Oxford University as well as Oulu University (Finland) are developing software that can detect an individual’s micro facial expressions.

Microexpressions are concealed signs of emotion that flash on and off a face when a person is trying to hide their emotions.  According to Vision Systems Design this product can be used to train government and airport officials to detect suspicious behavior.

While having the ability (or software) to recognize micro facial expressions is one thing, it is a completely different thing to use that information to detect deception and uncover the truth.

Dr. Matsumoto affirms that microexpressions are not indicators of lying but are clues that a person is hiding something and there is more to the story than is being conveyed.

2 responses to “Microexpression Tracking Software”

  1. Russ Conte says:


    The article claims “the approach can distinguish deceptive from truthful micro-expressions”. What’s the difference between a deceptive and truthful microexpression? I don’t recall ever reading that deceptive microexpressions were even possible, so this seems extremely suspicious to me.

    Russ Conte

  2. Russ – You are correct there are no categories of deceptive and/or non-deceptive microexpressions.
    Micorexpressions are categorized purely based on the speed at which the expression occurs. Observing a microexpression does not indicate deception nor truth. They usually occur in high stakes situations and are signs of concealed emotion, which means there is more to the story than is being told.
    If they are not consistent with the words being said then there is a possibility of deception.

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