What’s That Expression Saying?

Take a look at this expression of emotion.

What do you think the man on the right is feeling?

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David Moyes, manger of Everton a football Club (soccer) team from Liverpool .




2 responses to “What’s That Expression Saying?”

  1. Keith D. says:

    Victory, triumph, but with an overtone of having proven one’s ability over a naysayer. A sort of “you were wrong, now eat your words!” feeling. I think the expression of disgust has to do with imagining how his opponent and/or naysayers would feel if they were to actually “eat their words” and feeling a sense of schadenfreude over it.

    So actually, now that I’ve written that, I think I would describe it as a schadenfreude sense of victory.

  2. Keith – There is definitely a show of disgust but the body language also suggests other emotions as well. Thank you for your remarks.

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