The Future of Finance

Technology, technology, technology, everywhere you turn you are inundated with the advancements of our ever growing world.

According to the future of banking has arrived.  Just like with the advancements on the iPhone and computers, ATM’s have launched into the technology race.  We now have 3D touchless ATM’s.  The idea was created by Brazilian Itartec and was first revealed in Sao Paulo, Brazil this past summer.

The new ATM accustomed with 3D technology and a completely touch-free interface allows the user to navigate with the swipe of the hand.  It also comes equipped with Face Tracking, which could virtually eliminate card/cash jacking.  A camera in the ATM will focus in on your facial features to identify you.  This type of technology is already in place as a security measure in a variety of industries and could eliminate the global need for ATM cards.

Other security ideas being developed for the ATM of the future is a “pillar” type design that uses your fingerprint to read  the biometrics under your skin and detect your body’s personal chemistry to identify you.  The “pillar” ATM is being designed more for underdeveloped, illiterate countries and icons will replace the now used keyboard and display screen.

Industry veteran Bob Tramontano, vice president of marketing at NCR, comments, “I don’t think holograms are ready for prime time as far as the technology is concerned,” says Tramontano. “but I think gesture-based interaction is something that will be very appropriate in the near to distant future.”

This new technology provides greater security for ATM users and for banks. It will be harder, with this technology in place, to force someone to withdrawal cash or to try and hijack the entire cash dispenser.

There are other prototypes that are focusing on a myriad of divergent security measures such as a built in audio lie detector and replacing the traditional moneygram to ones that can be sent via the internet right from the ATM machine itself.

There is also a cash into gold machine coined “Gold to Go”.  Just visit the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas to see how this one works.

For detailed information on ATMs of the future watch the Youtube video below (it’s in Portuguese but the video shows how the technology works).

YouTube Preview Image

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