High Stress, High Stakes Jobs: How to Cope

Do you think you have a job that stresses you to the max?  What jobs have the highest stressors?

Well, in an article on The World News , international news magazine website , police officers and TSA officers  were among the most stressed out professions.

The article goes on to delineate that research has suggested that Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice could help alleviate the negative effects of stress as well as increase awareness of potentially dangerous situations.  The  research shows that comments from police officers that actively participated in TM delineated positive results.  Many had an increase in their shooting scores and/or stated that they felt more aware of eminent danger on the job.

It is no doubt that these kinds of workers do encounter stress, but few realize how much that stress can compound especially when they are returning to work after being shot or involved in a life threatening situation.  This is where additional research has suggested that meditation could be helpful.  It can reduce fatigue and stress as well as strengthen and clam the nervous system.

Microexpressions play an important role in being able to detect other people’s emotional states.  These indicators are usually more prevalent in high stakes situations.  The advantages of being able to recognize microexpressions of emotion is that a person will be able to assess a given situation quickly and accurately.

TM and microexpression training, as the article delineates, gives these types of employees a competitive and strategic edge.

For more information on Transcendental Meditation take a look at some meta-analysis published in peer reviewed journals.

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