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Market Watch has just released information about a new digital eye tracking marketing product developed by AOL and IPG Media Lab .

The companies announced the results of a new study on the effectiveness and earned attention on AOL’s project units aka IAB “Portrait Units” versus traditional display advertising at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

According to MediaPost.Raw , the study used micro facial expressions and bio-metric bracelets to collect data on various body functions to measure the excitement levels of users when presented with an ad’s message.   This was mostly done through an eye-tracking technique among other methods to measure the visual interactions of the users with the advertising.

“While our internal data proved what we knew to be true, that a larger more interactive, integrated, and visually beautiful ad would be more engaging for consumers, this research data is off the charts, “ said Jeff Levick, President, AOL Advertising.

What do you think?

Do you want the media tracking you in an effort to create more attractive, entertaining ads or is that too much of an invasion of your privacy?

2 responses to “Digital Branding”

  1. Keith D. says:

    Way too much invasion of privacy for me. Advertisers have long since earned the scorn of the general public with regard to how intrusive, invasive, and belligerent their use of advertising has become. It has demonstrated an utter lack of respect for their potential customers by a mad rush to snatch their money from their wallets. Because of this, they’ve already lost the trust of most consumers, and this sort of thing will be strongly despised and rejected (as I think it should be) by consumers. Yes, I am bitter toward most advertisers.

  2. Keith – Strong yet poignant comments. As our world continues to technologically advance at such a fast pace, advertising will also continue to grow in creative ways to vie for consumers attention. The question now is how much advertising/marketing is too much for the average individual, which includes either intentionally or unintentionally children.

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