Future Legacies

What legacy will you leave behind for your great, great, great, great, great grandchildren?  Well, if you’re anything like the average family, your family tree might only go back three or four generations.  Many memories of our great, great, great grandparents are only pictures and fragmented stories from our close relative’s memories.

They do say that “A picture speaks a thousand words” but what if our legacy could speak as many words as we could when we were living?

Electronic visualization is the developing software that will allow us to communicate across centuries.  Many of us already have an XBox or PlayStation avatar that we have fashioned to the best of technology’s ability to our likeness.  We recently blogged how the same detailed animation that is coming out in video games such as in LA Noire, created by Depth Analysis, will be available to the average Joe.

Humans can live online 24/7.  Our virtual doppelgangers can stand in for us at meetings or appear in several different places at once.    These avatars won’t just speak they will converse.

Click here to see a video and to learn more!

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