Smiling Affects Your Mood

In a news article that came out last year, Japanese railworkers for Keikyu Railways adopted a new way of ensuring their smile is genuine.

New facial expression recognition software helps employees measure their own smiles based on a mathematical scale. This technology has endless potential and could be used in a wide variety of professions, especially for those that interact with individuals on a face to face basis.

In fact, several researchers have suggested that facial expressions affect your mood.

An article in Time Magazine from last year described the work of researcher Marsha Linehan, a University of Washington psychologist who treats suicidal patients. Through her research, Linehan found that “helping patients modulate their facial expressions — relaxing the face when angry, for instance — can help them control their emotions”.

Several other researchers have investigated the positive effects of smiling, such as making you more attractive and lifting your spirits. Smiling has also been proven to help build rapport and create positive relationships with others.

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