MiX Sale!

Humintell is excited to announce that they are reducing the price of MiX, their original microexpression training tool to $59.

MiX is exactly the same as the METT 2, co-created by Drs. David Matsumoto and Paul Ekman.

MiX is an interactive online training tool that will improve your ability to recognize microexpressions, expressions of concealed emotion that last less than 1/2 a second on the face.

The training begins with a pre-test to measure your current skill level.

Next, you will go through the only training scientifically proven to improve your ability to recognize microexpressions.

You will then have the opportunity to practice your new skills in the interactive practice section of the training. In addition, MiX offers a set-speed option that allows the user to set the speed of their own training.

Finally, you will take a post-test to see how much you have improved. If you reach 80% accuracy on the post-test at a minimum speed of 200msec, you will receive a certificate of proficiency. If you reach above 95% accuracy you will receive a certificate of expertise.

Don’t forget that with a purchase of the MiX, you can also receive free practice images, a $20 value!

Click here to learn more about microexpressions

Click here to purchase MiX!

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