Lebron James Post Game Interview

Basketball star Lebron James gave a post-game interview last week after his team’s game 5 loss to the Celtics.

Throughout this interview, it is pretty clear that James is not happy with his, or his team’s performance.

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There are so many different expressions shown and we’ve highlighted just a few, below.


Verbal: “our consistent play- we haven’t been there”

Nonverbal: Macro expression of fear- brows drawn up and together forming wavy lines in forehead


Verbal: “Its a really good team we’re going against”

Nonverbal: Macroexpression of anger- brows drawn down and together


Verbal: “I’m not going out there and doing the things I can do…not making excuses”

Nonverbal: Scratches back of his ear: possible manipulator


Verbal: “Gotta get ready for game 6”

Nonverbal: Still scratching his ear-possible discomfort?


Nonverbal: Macroexpression of fear


Verbal: “To the guys, I mean…”

Nonverbal: Macroexpression of anger


Nonverbal: Scratching his chin: manipulator?


Verbal: “I mean, we had a great flow”

Nonverbal: Shoulder shrug- “I don’t know”


Verbal: “I wasn’t able to get anything offensively going for myself”

Nonverbal:  Suddenly develops a strong itch on his nose-another possible manipulator?

*Its important to note that macroexpressions occur when an individual is not trying to conceal how they are feeling. they typically last on the face from 1/2 a second to 4 seconds.

*It is also important to note that behaviors such as scratching one’s nose or neck can be possible manipulators, but only if it deviates from that person’s baseline. We don’t really have a sense of Lebron’s baseline from this interview and therefore have a difficult time distinguishing what could be considered a sign of deceit of discomfort from just a normal behavior.

Thank you to WC who suggested this video for us!

9 responses to “Lebron James Post Game Interview”

  1. W says:

    What’s up! This was intelligent content. It clearly shows the reality behind reading subtle cues. I believe it’s important that we see how we may jump to conclusions with a little training. Humintell seems on a righteous mission to point out that genius breaks and firework techniques need to be taken with a pinch of salt so this kind of content scores very highly for me because it’s exciting with (relevant news content) shows the analytic skills we need to develop (highlighted the key zones with timed references) and instills us with the correct beliefs we need to caution us (this behavior is indicative of ~ but not proof of ~ ). I was able to play the video several times, learn the hotspots and then on replay Dr. M comments would pop up for me with. This content deserves recognition because this site is not mundane, static or stuffy. This is an exciting, action-packed field but we are reminded to water down flights of fancy with reality based beliefs. This is the way to go if we want to learn the skills with impeccability. Well done and so I obviously want to say “show us what you can do more!”

  2. Thank you for your great comments, we really appreciate them!

  3. Mary Fay says:

    I like that you are using real people who aren’t acting their expressions. I don’t believe that actors can totally mimic the expressions you are trying to teach people to recognize. There’s just too much cerebral cortex between the feelings and what comes out, and I think Dr. Ekhart failed to realize this.

  4. DrPDarkman says:

    I think I also saw a microexpression of contempt at 0:02.
    Am I right?

  5. Mary, who is Dr. Ekhart?

  6. Dr. Darkman, Good catch. It does look like contempt- where one side (his left) is tightening.

  7. WC says:

    I could see that being contempt at 0:02 or could it be a subtle expression of fear with the corner lip? There is another interesting one at the 0:18 mark before it cuts out. Could be a subtle expression of fear in the eyebrows or sadness.

    This is a great video of the final interview after they actually lost: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbFiy8NpBZE&playnext_from=TL&videos=dsWo4nPST0s&feature=rec-LGOUT-real_rev-rn-1r-4-HM

    Some things that stood out occurred at 0:43, 1:13, 1:30-1:38, and the 3:00 mark until the end. Cool stuff!

  8. Markus says:

    My guess is that Mary means Dr Ekman and that she is refering to that actors acting expressions on Lie To Me. Howerver i think Dr Ekman is aware of this problem since he has done plenty of research on spontaneous and deliberately preformed facial expressions.

  9. Corrado says:

    0:01 contempt
    0:05 fear
    0:06 disgust
    0:10 contempt
    0:11 anger
    0:14 anger
    0:17 surprise
    0:28 surprise
    0:48 fear
    0:51 anger
    1:14 embarassment

    I am not so sure about that. Can you please check? Tank you very much!!

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